Friday, February 2, 2007

Our main trips overland

In 2006, we went east towards to New Europe of Rumsfeld, first Greece then Bulgaria and Romania. (see the pictures on the french version)

In 2005, we went to Namibia. Of course we spent a few days to safari in Etosha, but we saw also many seals at Cape Cross, some incredible german cities, two nice crater (Messum and Brukkaros). Beside the famous Namib dunes we appreciate The Damaraland and also the Fish River Canyon(250 photos)

In 2004, we take 5 weeks to cross Greece and then Turkey till the very east of the country in Kurdish mountains. We reached the Euphrat and the Nemrut Dagi and then returned back following the lycian coast and Ephes. (100 pictures)

In 2003, we spent the summer in Iceland, in the middle of icy peaks, glaciers, volcanos. To reach them we have had to drive on thousands of miles of dirt tracks, cross numerous ford. It was awesome (200 pictures)

Our prefered desert is the Tunisian erg oriental; we went there 4 times already. But the pictures are still not on this blog but only on the French version

You can also go back in time when blog does not exist and have a look on our website on Ireland. We went there in 1995 and we even won a prize from an Irish tourism operator for this one.